What this blog needs is more Nixon

With the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation coming up on August 9, there’s a slew of new books about Nixon and his presidency. I wrote recently about several of the new titles: * I interviewed Pat Buchanan for Salon about his new book, The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority. […]

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Roundup of ‘Scalia’ reviews

The initial reviews of Bruce Allen Murphy’s Scalia: A Court of One have largely praised the book as an engrossing intellectual biography of Justice Scalia or criticized it for being grounded more in published materials than in personal interviews. The latter group, including Joshua Hawley’s review in the Wall Street Journal, strike me as criticizing the […]

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It’s Hard Up Here for the Rich

This review originally appeared in Daily Report. Americans are enamored with the wealthy. We take national pride in the rags-to-riches story, the mom-and-pop store that makes it big. We say things like “only in America” and call the United States a “land of opportunity.” We value the better mousetrap and laud its inventor with gobs […]

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Review: Politico e-books

This piece originally appeared in my column for Huffington Post on June 25, 2013. In the opening anecdote of Glenn Thrush and Jonathan Martin’s The End of the Line, their behind-the-scenes e-book about the last month of the 2012 presidential campaign, we join our regularly scheduled election already in progress: It was more than an hour after the […]

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