Game Change 2: Electric Boogaloo

Heilemann Halperin

Sadly, that’s not the title.  But that would have been awesome.

Penguin Press announced today that John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s book about the 2012 campaign will be called Double Down: Game Change 2012, that it will be published in fall 2013, and that HBO has already optioned the film rights.  After Game Change became a massive hit for HarperCollins in 2010, Heilemann and Halperin jumped to Penguin for a reported $5 million advance for their 2012 campaign book.

I’m looking forward to Heilemann/Halperin’s take on when the Romney people realized they were going to lose.  Alexander Burns of Politico reported shortly after the election that “[t]he Romney campaign entered the last week of the election convinced that Colorado, Florida and Virginia were all but won, that the race in Ohio was neck and neck and that the Republican nominee had a legitimate shot in Pennsylvania[,]” and Noam Scheiber of The New Republic obtained some of Team Romney’s errant internal polls, but I have not yet seen an in-the-room account of the “oh fuuuuuudge” moment.

I assume the Romney campaign knew the weekend before the election when Nate Silver and Intrade were both moving strongly in favor of Obama winning Ohio and getting re-elected, but I suppose it’s possible that they were wearing their RDF goggles all the way to election night.


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